Mold Remediation Services in Orange County, CA

When water builds up in your space, mold growth can occur quickly, usually in as short as 48 hours. If you have already reached the point of having mold growth in your space, All Points Restoration & Construction also does mold remediation. For effective remediation, we make sure that all sources of water intrusion and moisture are addressed to ensure the mold will not grow back. We'll check the humidity levels as well to make sure they are at levels that will not encourage mold growth. Our mold remediation service will get your home back to normal, eliminating the risk of you living in a mold infested home. To get rid of mold growth in your home or business, call us at (714) 993-7888.

Things to Remember When You Have Mold

  • When you see mold, do not disturb it.
  • If you're drying out a spot with water damage, don't place fans in front of the mold.
  • Dry off any wet spots that do not contain mold to help decrease growth.
  • Call the specialists at All Points Restoration & Construction and we'll handle the rest.
When your home or business is experiencing mold due to recent water damage, call All Points Restoration & Construction at (714) 993-7888.
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